Autistic Girl Was Left In Tears By Her Report Card, So Her Dad Made Her A New One

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Autistic Girl Was Left In Tears By Her Report Card, So Her Dad Made Her A New One

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When a father of an autistic girl found out her school gave her straight D's on her report card, he set out to boost her confidence.

According to Shane Jackson, from Tasmania, Australia, his nine-year-old Sophie came home in tears after receiving less than stellar grades, he decided to make her his own report card. In this assessment, Jackson gave his daughter all A's for skills such as being funny, having a strong imagination and being the "best daughter ever."

"My daughter who has [autism spectrum disorder] ASD received straights Ds on her report today. She cried and said 'I've let everyone down' this is my report card for her."

"I was away in Melbourne and my daughter and my wife were upset," Jackson said, adding that he knew he needed to find a way to make her feel better.

"She has been working so hard and we have seen some great out of school improvements. So we [Jackson and his wife Fiona] and Sophie were really positive that there may have been some improvements," Jackson told HuffPost UK.

"Then Sophie received the report and she was just so disappointed because she had tried so hard and honestly thought that she may be at a higher level than last year," he added. "From our perspective we know she had tried hard and were very comfortable with her effort, whatever the report said."

"That's when I thought I'd give a report of all the things that make Sophie unique and makes her, her. She loved it and has been so upbeat since I gave it to her, it has the effect I wanted," he said.

Shane Jackson with his wife and children
Shane Jackson with his wife Fiona and their three children.Shane Jackson

When those on social media saw the heartwarming post, they were sure to applaud Jackson on his great parenting.

Despite the disappointing report card, Jackson made sure to clarify that his daughter does in fact have supportive teachers at school.

"This is in no way against her or any other teacher. Sophie has a fantastic teacher," Jackson said. "There's a marking process, according to which Sophie did well."

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