Dad's Sneaky Personal Ad For His Sons Is Too Funny

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Leave it to a dad to try to find the perfect match for his three sons, even if it means going international in his search for the right women.

That's just what one proud father from Oregon did this week, taking extreme measures to find partners for his three boys while they're on a trip to New Zealand later this month.

Locals were warned that the men are arriving by an ad in the New Zealand Herald newspaper, asking for parents with "nice New Zealand daughters" to get in touch.

"We are from the States (Oregon), visiting your beautiful country," it read. "My wife and I have three wonderful, successful, handsome, alas unmarried, sons between the ages of 28-32."

Personal ad
The ad has gone viral in New Zealand, and already received hundreds of replies.Kimberley Dixon - Facebook

The ad went on to explain the man was "hoping" his sons could find a nice woman on the trip, and included the time of their arrival plus the father's contact information.

"At the very least," the dad added, "we'll embarrass our sons and the truth is, we do find some enjoyment in that."

The Herald reached out to the man behind the ad, identified only as Neal, who explained that his boys have tagged along with him and his wife as they travel the world.

"[But] we have never really interacted with anybody and in my mind I was just interested in them getting to know people, meeting people their age, and maybe develop some lasting, permanent relationships."

He also revealed all three sons have been using dating sites (which Neil doesn't quite approve of), and going on "introductory dates," but haven't had much luck so far.

"I have no idea what will happen," he admitted, "but at least we will be able to meet some people."

Neil claimed this is the first time he's tried used a personal ad to match up his son, and added that his children are "clueless, which I love."

As for potential suitors, Neil says he's received close over 200 emails about the ad already.

"It is hard to tell how many are genuine," he said. "A few are maybe just scammers but for the most part people are really amazingly nice in your country."

Neil also revealed some stats about the three bachelors who are (unknowingly) looking for love:

New Zealand Personal Ad
It's not clear which of the three men are which.Supplied
  • Benjamin, 26, is a consultant from Seattle.
  • Jeremy, 28, works for non-profit organizations.
  • Matthew, 31, is in real estate and lives in Portland.

He says all three boys are "upstanding and honorable" but very hard-working, which explains why they haven't found the right woman yet.

If the boys don't stumble across the news before the trip, Neil plans to spill the beans when they're on the flight to New Zealand.

Neil says his sons "have a good sense of humor" and love him dearly, so no matter their reaction he says he's "safe."

We hope it all goes according to plan for this doting dad, just because this story is too rich and we can't wait to hear what happens next!

[H/T: New Zealand Herald]

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