Dad Shares This Touching Story After Taking His Crying Child Out Of A Restaurant


Dad Shares This Touching Story After Taking His Crying Child Out Of A Restaurant

It can be an embarrassing experience taking your child to a restaurant when they're young. You hope to just enjoy a quiet family meal, but if your kid starts to cry every pair of eyes in the building turns on you.

That was the situation Clint Edwards found himself in this week after taking his family out to eat. Clint is a blogger who writes about parenting on his Facebook page No Idea What I'm Doing. He's shared the ups and downs of raising three children with his followers before, but his post about dealing with a crying toddler when you just want to eat is really resonating with people.

It all started when Clint's daughter, in typical toddler fashion, threw a tantrum because "mom wouldn't let her throw chicken strips." From there, things only got worse.

No matter what he and his wife tried, Clint's daughter just wouldn't stop crying. As soon as Clint finished his meal he picked her up and carried her out of the restaurant. As he did, he says that he got lots of dirty looks.

"No one with children would give me that straight faced, lip twisted, look that seems to say, 'if you can't control your kid, then don't go out.'" Clint wrote.

"She's two and it's going to take years to teach her how to act appropriately in public, and the only way I am ever going to teach that is to take her out and show her what's right and wrong."

In a message to his followers, Clint added that this exact situation is "how you learned to be a respectable person." People obviously agree, because Clint's post has received more than 300,000 likes and thousands of supportive comments.

Clint's dad left his family when he was just 9 years old, and he's determined to make up for that by being the best father possible for his children.

Hopefully we can all remember his story the next time we share a restaurant with a screaming kid.

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