Dancers Move To "Hallelujah" And It Will Make You Reach For The Tissues

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Dancers Move To "Hallelujah" And It Will Make You Reach For The Tissues


Just like how singing moves us in a way that can hardly be put into words, dance can also have that impact as recently proven by a group of dance students.

In a viral video making rounds this week, 12 girls from Whangarei Academy of Dance and Performing Arts (WADPA) in New Zealand performed a routine that has moved many viewers to tears.

After months of practice, the modern dance troupe showed off their talent with the help of X-Factor winner Alexandra Burke's powerful rendition of Leonard Cohen's iconic "Hallelujah."


Putting such a complicated group performance together is by no means an easy task, but each girl flawlessly leaped and sashayed across the stage with big smiles on their faces.

While the girls' natural abilities to move their bodies so well played a role in the lyrical routine's success, their school's philosophy also had a lot to do with it.

They train their students to focus on their passion as well as their mental and physical well-being, instead of creating a competitive environment that many art and dance schools have a reputation for.

"We are all about dancing and encouraging the development of children. We are proud of the family-like environment at WADPA, encouraging everyone to follow their passion. We teach our classes with the aim to build up co-ordination, fitness, sense of rhythm, musicality and self-expression skills, but also life skills such as commitment and teamwork," reads a statement on the school's website.

The school's approach is clearly working as the girls looked very passionate and happy to express themselves through the movements, which makes it all the more special to watch.

It'd be unbelievable if they weren't crowned winners of the showcase after such an incredible performance filled with exceptional beauty and grace.

If you can't get enough of the WADPA dancers, check out their other performances below. They even switch things up by doing a jazz dance routine to Michael Jackson hits!

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