Daughter Replaces All Family Photos With Pictures Of Her Dog

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Daughter Replaces All Family Photos With Pictures Of Her Dog

If you ask me, dogs are a part of the family. Any pet is part of the family, for that matter.

For Marissa Hooper, when she moved away from college, she missed her chihuahua named Dixie, as one does.

Marissa noticed that her parents missed her just as much, so they put pictures of Marissa and her older sister all over the house. But then something struck both of them.

"One day my older sister, who has also moved out, and I were sitting on the couch wondering if my parents ever look at all the pictures to remember us when they miss us," Marissa said. "And I wondered, 'If the pictures changed, would my parents even notice?'"

That's when Marissa came up with a brilliant idea, involving her furry friend Dixie.

Marissa decided she was going to re-create all the pictures her parents had hung with reenactments by Dixie. She replaced all the photos in the house, and waited to see how long it would take for her parents to notice.

Marissa waited...and waited...and waited some more before her parents finally took notice.

Continue reading to find out what Marissa's mom had to say, and see how long it took before she noticed the replacements!

"It took about two weeks for my mom to notice," Marissa said, "which is hilarious to me; she runs a tight ship when it comes to keeping the house clean, and that means she obviously handled these pictures in the frames multiple times when she dusted and didn't notice! I found that very amusing."

TWO WHOLE WEEKS! I'd like to believe I'd figure it out sooner than that.

Marissa's mom finally figured it out and sent a message to Marissa. Her daughter seemed to think she had come out victorious, but Mrs. Hooper wasn't about to go down silently!

That's what happens when you mess with mom's memories, I guess!

Marissa says she swaps the photos out every once in a while, and her parents always figure it out. But that doesn't stop her from doing it for fun. And Dixie herself has become quite the little superstar!

"Dixie is very accustomed to having her picture taken. Some even say she poses," Marissa said. "She's very laid-back and enjoys just spending time with us, whatever we may be doing."

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