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Mom Files Lawsuit Against Group Home For Shaving Daughter's Head

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When Denise Robinson signed up her daughter for the programs offered at Little Heroes Group Home, she would've never predicted that she would end up fighting a legal battle against them.

The Sun

The state-run home is described as "a co-ed intensive group home for children ages 5-11," with a mission to "provide a home-like environment where children can develop skills to manage complex trauma or mental health symptoms in order to successfully transition to a permanent placement in the community."

As you can see, there's nowhere in their description where it mentions anything about grooming children without seeking their parent's permission first.

But, somehow Robertson's daughter, Tru, was given a haircut and she had no idea until it was too late.

Facebook/Denise Robinson

Little Heroes issued a statement on the controversial situation citing hygiene as the main reason why they cut Tru's hair.

"Decisions regarding grooming are based on a variety of factors, including hygiene,” read the release. "A review of circumstances is underway to determine what occurred and, if necessary appropriate action will be taken."

However, upon further probing, Robinson uncovered another disturbing fact.

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