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He Was Dead For 28 Minutes, Then A Homeless Man Did Something Incredible

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August 7, 2017 was a day that started out like any other, but by the end, two men's lives changed forever.

George Dakin Jr., a 64-year-old architect, was out for a stroll when he suddenly collapsed on the sidewalk and went into cardiac arrest. His heart stopped, which means he was dead. However, 28 minutes later he returned to life.

No, he wasn't resuscitated by paramedics or doctors at a hospital. Dakin's life was saved by someone no one expected: Austin Davis, a homeless man sipping coffee nearby.


Dakin collapsed in front of CHAMP Homes Inc., a faith-based transitional shelter for the homeless in Massachusetts, and his loud cry for help caught Davis's attention.

Without hesitation, the 54-year-old performed CPR on Dakin for 10 minutes, until paramedics got to the scene. They were able to bring Dakin back to life after 18 additional minutes of CPR and defibrillator shocks.

While stories like this aren't as rare as many might think, there is something about this particular incident that makes it stand out from the rest.

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