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Deaf Dog Abandoned At A Gas Station Was Given A Second Chance When He Learned Sign Language

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Marina Bourguingnon wanted to help, and while she wasn't ready to adopt a new dog, she figured she could foster one until they found him a perfect home. Scruffy arrived, looking like "the Tramp from Lady and the Tramp" and was sweet as can be. The only thing was that his ear infection had caused him some minor hearing loss.

Luckily, Bourguingnon was ready for the challenge that came with fostering the deaf pup and found a way to communicate with him that worked well. She began teaching him simple commands using sign language, and he picked up faster than anyone could have anticipated.

Steve Somerville/Metroland

"I'm learning, too, as I go along," she said. "He's a beautiful dog. He's so loving. I don't understand why he isn't adopted yet. There's nothing wrong with him except that he's deaf and he just learned sign language. He knows come, he knows sit, he knows lay down, he knows quiet. He learns fast."

Bourguignon also took in another foster named Jade, who was also deaf. The two fosters are helping her recover from the recent loss of her own dogs, Aussie and Tank, who both passed away earlier in the year, just weeks apart from each other. While she isn't emotionally ready to commit to another dog herself, she wants these sweet dogs to find new homes. "He's an easygoing boy. There's nothing wrong with him. He's very sweet, he's very loving and all he wants to do is just love you and be loved."

If you are interested in giving Scruffy his forever home, you can find out more about him on their website.

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