Dear Working Mom, I See You


Dear Working Mom, I See You

Whether you have decided to go back to work for financial reasons or because you love your career, being a working mom can definitely be a challenge. No longer can you lay on the couch or have a cup of coffee when you get home from work to recharge for your evening. It's now, quickly making dinner, bath time, bedtime and cleaning up, before you collapse into a heap in the middle of the floor. When you're at work you have to be an adult and fulfill your duties, even if you have been up all night with a overtired baby, or if you have to take a sick day and keep your baby home from daycare. It feels like you are constantly switching hats and there is little time for rest in between. Here are some daily struggles, I am sure you can all relate to!

Family needs you and work needs you. The work-life balance can be a brutal scale to tip back and fourth.

There just aren't enough hours in the day. From the moment the alarm goes off until the moment you shut off the lights, you are on the move. Whether you're making lunches, getting your little one dressed and jumping in the shower yourself, the daily routines seem to go on forever.

Financial burdens. Paying for full-time daycare while you work full-time can really hit the bank account. Not to mention your added costs of feeding, clothing and diapering the baby. You will feel more exhausted with how to squeeze out every dollar, that you will wonder what you spent money on before you grew your family.

You are tired. Like exhausted tired. You thought you were tired before kids, but now it's just new level.

Dealing with a sick baby. This is where a wrench gets thrown into your regular plans. Can't go to daycare, your mom is too busy to come over, looks like that board meeting at work isn't happening today. Throw on those sweatpants and get the Tylenol out, Dr. Mom is in the house.

Making dinner. You want nutritious food for your family every night, but you have 30 minutes flat to get it ready. Oh and you have a toddler screaming she is hungry and hanging off your leg while you make it, so you can only go so fast. Pasta it is! This is where some days I get up a bit earlier and prep the crockpot before I leave for work.

You miss your baby. You get to see her from daycare at 4:30 PM and she is ready for bed at 6:30 PM. In those precious 2 hours you are making and eating dinner, while she is not the greatest company because it's been a long day and is hungry and tired. There isn't enough quality time to play, read stories and cuddle. You savour each minute you get, because they go by way too quickly.

The weekends. It's great to put work away for 2 days, but now it's time to clean the house, run errands and try and squeeze in some family fun time. Perfect!