Dennis Quaid Is Selling His House, And I Want It


Dennis Quaid Is Selling His House, And I Want It

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I'm currently in the process of buying my first house, by which I mean I'm saving for a down payment and trying to figure out how people afford mortgages. I have a price range I'm looking in, but it can be fun to look at the bigger houses and dream, right?

For example, looking at celebrity homes that are worth millions of dollars can let you imagine a life where spending that kind of money is totally possible. But even though some of these houses are worth a lot of money, they're not always my taste.

However, Dennis Quaid just listed his Los Angeles-area home for $6.5 million, and even though it's not in my price range, it's definitely my style!

Take a look inside Quaid's home, and then please donate to my down payment because I really want it.

The exterior is the first giveaway that the interior will be amazing.

I love a wide open entrance when you first walk into a house.

The wooden ceilings add a sense of calm and rustic design!

I hope it comes furnished.

Stained glass windows in the dining room? How fancy!

Open-concept kitchens are all the rage right now, and this doesn't disappoint.

Cooking is one of my favorite things in the world, and this kitchen space looks like a dream for me!

What home is complete without a personal theater with comfy seats?

I'm getting serious "Oval Office" vibes from this room.

The master bedroom is essentially like a guest room!

I would nap SO HARD in that bed.

This is one of two bathrooms in the master bedroom alone. That's luxury.

Of course, the spare room is pretty nice as well.

And who could forget the pool?

And the gym...but I probably wouldn't use this.

What do you think of Dennis Quaid's house?

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