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Depressed Shelter Dog Growled At Everyone, Now He's Grinning Ear-To-Ear

Smokey was surrendered to Franklin County Dog Shelter & Adoption Center in Ohio after his family lost their home.

The family walked away from the beautiful five-year-old pooch on Valentine's Day, but left his favorite elephant toy to keep him company. It was a small comfort, but Smokey was just so heartbroken that nothing could console him.

He was so depressed, he became shy, stressed and anxious with staff. He growled so much at the public that he was removed from adoption availability.

The shelter decided that there was nothing left to do for Smokey, but euthanize him. He was scheduled to die in March.

Some staff members at the animal shelter knew that it wasn't Smokey's disposition, but the circumstances that made him so aggressive with others. They decided to put out the word that he was in trouble.

A pair of volunteers from I Have A Dream Rescue Organization fell in love with Smokey and his best elephant friend.  

This happy boy will live with a foster family until he is either put up for adoption or his owner is able to claim him back.

To see other dogs in need of a forever home like Smokey, please visit I Have A Dream Rescue Organization on Facebook and online here.

[Source: Daily Mail / Dodo]

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