Detectives Finally Crack The 40 Year Cold Case Of A Murdered Teen

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Marion County Sheriff's Office

It was a real life cold case with all the makings of a TV drama: a murdered girl, an intrepid detective, and a shocking twist ending.

Janie Landers.Marion County Sheriff's Office

Janie Landers was just 18 when she was murdered in 1979. She had been living in Salem, Oregon's Fairview Training Center, a group home for teens with developmental disabilities. Janie functioned at the level of an 8-year-old girl, and her sometimes difficult behavior forced her family to leave her in the care home.

Janie never left the facility, so her family was surprised when she went missing one day. Staff at the home spotted her stepping into a yellow or gold car across the street from the facility, but didn't recognize the pot-bellied man in the driver's seat. That was the last time anyone saw Janie alive.

The sketch of Janie's murderer.Marion County Sheriff's Office

When she was found five days later, stabbed to death, police were stumped. They made a composite sketch of the man who abducted Janie, but had no other leads. Janie's sister Joyce Hooper, who was just 13 at the time of the murder, was always haunted by the mystery of her sister's death.

For 40 years, she never stopped fighting to learn the truth. This year, detectives finally found answers for Janie's family...

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