Take A Look Inside Diane Keaton's Pinterest-Inspired Dream Home

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Aside from acting, Diane Keaton has a few other passions many aren't aware of, including architecture and interior design. A few years ago, the Annie Hall star set out to build the home of her dreams, and has recently unveiled the final result.

Lisa Romerein, courtesy Wine Spectator

The Academy Award-winning actress and author's 8,000 square-foot home in Brentwood, Los Angeles was inspired by ideas she saved on Pinterest - from the modern exposed wood design to the industrial-style lighting and doors.

She shared the entire process and photos of the stunning home in her new book The House That Pinterest Built.

Take a peak at the house's interior and exterior:

The Living Room

Introspective Magazine

The Office

A Style Album

The Bathroom

A Style Album

Just wait until you see the spacious bedroom and the dreamy kitchen....

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