Different Matt Damon Movies You Would Love to Watch

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Different Matt Damon Movies You Would Love to Watch

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Matt Damon is an American movie actor, screenwriter, and movie producer who is known for his iconic role as Spirit in the movie Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron and Jason Bourne for the Bourne movie franchise. He began his career by appearing in one of the high school theater productions and made a debut as a professional actor in 1988, in the movie Mystic Pizza.

He continued his acting career with movies like The Courage Under Fire, The Departed, Good Will Hunting, Saving Private Ryan, the Ocean’s Trilogy, etc. He has won around 27 awards and accolades including the Academy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, American Cinematheque Award, Broadcast Film Critics Association Award, and many others.

Apart from that, he has performed as a voice-over artist for both animated and documentary films in his career. You can watch many of these movies using movie channels offered by WOW Cable TV. For now, let’s have a look at the different Matt Damon movies that you will love to watch.

The Martian

The movie is set in the year 2035 when a crew of Ares III space mission lands on Mars to explore Acidalia Planitia on Martian solar day. The crew and the MAV they were traveling in gets hit by a severe dust storm. Many of the crew members successfully evacuated as the mission gets scrubbed.

An astronaut by the name of Mark Watney couldn’t get through the storm and gets struck by debris. The bio-monitor on his suit gets damaged as well and everybody concludes that he is dead while the rest of the crew reaches the Hermes safely.

Mark wakes up after the storm and finds himself low on oxygen and with an injury. He returns to the Hab, which is the crew’s surface habitat and treats his wound. After recovering, he starts creating a video diary but is still not able to communicate with anyone on Earth. The next mission to Mars is the only hope for him to be rescued.

Being a botanist, he is able to grow food in a Hab-based garden using the crew’s bio-waste and creates water from the leftover rocket fuel. Soon he gets in touch with NASA and reaches earth after spending some time on Mars. He reaches earth and works as a survival instructor for astronauts.


This science fiction comedy-drama is a story about a Norwegian scientist who develops a way to address the problems caused by overpopulation and global warming and calls it "downsizing". According to him, “downsizing” is an irreversible process that can shrink different kinds of organic material.

He starts his first batch of human testing and concludes that the process can reduce people to a height of around 5 inches. This could reduce their consumption of resources and the waste of resources caused by them. After 5 years, he revealed his findings, which gets the attention of a lot of people.

After 10 years, a financially struggling couple named Paul and Audrey Safrânek in Omaha come to see Dave and Carol Johnson, who downsized and argued about the real reasons for getting downsized. They believed that one can sustain their wealth if only an individual has a short height and convinced Paul and Audrey as well. They made up their mind to undergo the procedure and move to Leisureland located in New Mexico where small individuals lived in a community.

Audrey decides not to go through the process and leaves Paul because they are now of different sizes. She leaves Paul and they sign their divorce papers. Paul moves into an apartment, as he cannot live in the mansion selected by Audrey. He starts working as a customer service representative. Later, he starts working for a humanitarian cause and lives a happy life with Ngoc Lan, a Vietnamese political activist who was downsized against her will.

Good Will Hunting

The psychological drama is about Will Hunting who lives in South Boston as a natural genius who is self-taught and got paroled from jail. He works as a janitor at MIT and spends his free time sharing a drink with his step-brother Chuckie, and friends named Billy and Morgan.

Will gets the attention of Professor Gerald Lambeau when he solves a difficult combinatorial mathematics problem posted by the professor as a challenge for his students. Lambeau posts an even more difficult problem and catches Will writing down the solution to the problem late at night.  

One day he meets a woman named Skylar who is about to graduate from Harvard College and wants to take up medicine at Stanford. The next day, Will and his friends get in a fight with a gang that has a member who used to bully Will when he was a kid. Will gets arrested when he attacks a responding police officer and appears before the court. Lambeau sits in the court and watches Will defend his stance.

He makes arrangements for Will to help him avoid jail time if he agrees to study mathematics under Lambeau's supervision. Also, he has to participate in different psychotherapy sessions. After many struggling moments, Will heads to unite with Skylar in California and follow his dreams there. The movie is a must-watch for people looking for motivation in life to do something great.


In the end, one can say that Matt Damon is one of the best actors in American cinema and has feelings for humanity. He is part of charities like the ONE Campaign, Feeding America, H2O Africa Foundation, and others. His recent works in movies like Stillwater, and The Last Duel in others is a marvel for the fans. He recently celebrated his 52nd birthday on October 8th, 2022.

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