Disabled Teen Joins His Dad On Stage For A Performance That Changed Both Their Lives

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Disabled Teen Joins His Dad On Stage For A Performance That Changed Both Their Lives

Jared Watson Music / YouTube

Most 16-year-olds don't become viral sensations when they enter their high school talent show.

But Jared Watson isn't like most high school students.

You may notice that Watson uses a motorized wheelchair. He was born with a rare condition called spinal muscular atrophy that affects his ability to walk.

But what made Watson's performance a global hit is what he can do, and that's sing like a country music legend.

His performed "I Told You So" by Randy Travis with his father accompanying him on guitar, and once you watch their performance you'll know why people can't stop talking about it.

Can you believe Watson only won third prize at the talent show? But that's alright, because his singing voice earned him a few famous fans.

Travis's wife, Mary David Travis, wrote to the young singer to congratulate him:

"Jared, you covered Randy's song beautifully!" she wrote. "Just want you to know Randy teared up when he listened to it this afternoon."

The performance also earned Watson the chance to perform on local TV, record demo tapes, and inspired him to write his own songs.

Watson says he used to dream of being the play-by-play announce for the Baltimore Orioles, but if you ask me he has a bright future on stage.

Jared Watson Music / YouTube

"I thought this was going to be an ordinary performance for me, but it turned out that this performance is changing my life," Watson said in an interview.

"He's sung for as long as I can remember, and I've always known he's a really good singer," his proud father Lee said. "And for him to ask me to back him up, it's a thrill for me, being his father."

You can hear more of Watson's performances on his YouTube page.

Let's share this young man's incredible performance so everyone can see it!

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