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Disneyland Is Getting Extra Magical With New Craft Brewery

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If you have ever taken your children to the Magic Kingdom, then you'll know how exhausting it can be. Running around the park, standing in line, playing games, standing in line, seeing Disney characters...while you stand in line.

It can really take it out of you to follow your kid around all day, and sometimes you wish you could grab a quick beer at lunch time to help the day go by.

Unfortunately, that has been impossible for decades. When Walt Disney opened the first park in 1955 he gave specific instructions that enforced a zero-tolerance policy on alcohol.

It didn't matter if you were eligible under Californian law, it took decades for certain restaurants inside the park to even allow small glasses of wine to be served.

Well, that attitude appears to be changing, and now you'll be able to crack open a cold one in fantasy land! Just don't have it before riding Space Mountain!

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