Divorced Father Takes A Chance With His Ex-Wife In Risky Christmas Surprise

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Divorced Father Takes A Chance With His Ex-Wife In Risky Christmas Surprise

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Love isn't always easy. Two people with a limitless emotional connection may just be with each other at the wrong time in their lives, or be in a rough patch that threatens to rip them apart for good.

While there are plenty of stories of partners finding themselves unable to ever be around each other again, sometimes, true love finds it's way back, no matter the distance.

For Jeffrey Agan Sr., he knew that when he was divorced from his ex-wife Lorrie, his life had taken an abrupt wrong turn.

He did a lot of soul-searching, realized that he had mental health issues that had now become a problem not just for himself, but for his whole family. He found poetry, and used it to come to terms with his problems and used it to heal.

The couple were apart for three years, after a terrible falling out. However, six months ago, they managed to reconcile some differences and tried dating again.

This Christmas, surrounded by their family, Jeffrey knew he had to take a chance. His son started recording and captured every moment.

Everyone was nervous about being in the same room. Their children had been through a lot over the past few years while they were in the middle of the messy divorce, and they could still feel the tension in the room.

Jeffrey had taken a lot of time to think about what he really wanted in life and wrote a poem to read to his found-again partner.

Hint: She said yes!

They are living proof that love takes hard work, compromise, and eventually, a little bit of courage to make it work.

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