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Anyone who has ever attended a birthday party prior to 1999 is well aware with the plastic clackers.

Yes, that's their technical name.

Plastic clackers were a modernized version of regular clackers, which were literally just two balls attached to a string which you swung around. Ahhhh, the good ol' days.

A fun, safe toy that DEFINITELY was a good idea to give to kids.

Clackers were quickly phased out for a 'safer' version of the toy made out of brightly colored plastic. The original clackers were deemed a safety hazard in the United States and were discontinued. They could shatter if hit too hard, so safer plastic was chosen instead of acrylic.

You can even get some that light up!

Rubber Snakes

Do you remember playing with plastic clackers? Or even the original clackers? Let us know!

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