Do You Swear A Lot? Then You Have This Admirable Quality


Do You Swear A Lot? Then You Have This Admirable Quality

As kids, we are always told that swearing is bad. According to our parents, swearing made you seem "stupid" and "rude." And I guess in some cases, that's true.

But according to a new study done at Maastricht University in the Netherlands, there is actually a positive link between swearing and being an honest person.

The study was actually a combination of three smaller studies, which looked at profanity use on social, when certain words are used, and which words are most commonly used by the study participants.

The study's results suggest that people who swear more frequently are more honest.

"Profanity and honesty were found to be significantly and positively correlated, indicating that those who used more profanity were more honest in their Facebook status updates," it states.

Gild Feldman, from the Department of Work And Psychology at the university says, "The consistent findings across the studies suggest that the positive relation between profanity and honesty is robust. The relationship found at the individual level indeed translates to the society level."

Basically, if you swear, you're just an all around good person. Of course, the study takes into account when you choose to use swear words. So perhaps if you're swearing at kids or in church you get a few points knocked off that scale.

The study was trying to take away the stigma of swearing, saying it's actually a good personality trait to have.

So next time someone tries to tell you off for swearing, make sure you bring up this study...and maybe ask them what they're hiding.

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