Do Your Ears Ring? You Need To Try This Incredibly Simple Cure

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Do Your Ears Ring? You Need To Try This Incredibly Simple Cure

It may seem like a very minor condition, but if you live with ringing ears - also known as tinnitus - you know just how awful it can be.

Tinnitus sufferers have a hard time getting enough sleep, it can affect your mood and your mental health, and it's also just really annoying. The trouble is there's no permanent treatment for ringing ears. If you have the condition, you're stuck with it indefinitely.

But a strange new cure found on the internet is giving tinnitus sufferers relief. Some of these patients have tried everything they can think of, so they were amazed how well this trick worked.

The treatment comes from a comment left by Reddit user Jordanistan a few years ago. Apparently, just by tapping on the back of your head as you cover your ears, you can quiet the ringing immediately.

Now, this cure isn't perfect. Some say it only relieves a little bit of the ringing, and it's just a temporary solution, but if tinnitus is affecting your everyday life even this small relief is a miracle.

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