He Took Naked Photos of Unconscious Cancer Patients But He Won't Serve Time

A Louisiana plastic surgeon faced charges for snapping pictures and taking video of female patients while they were under anesthesia during surgery.

The millionaire doctor faced a minimum of one year behind bars for the charges, and could have ended up on the sex offenders registry for his actions.

4 incidents took place in 2015, 2 of which were cancer survivors, where Dr. Ali Sadeghi filmed or took photographs of the patients while they were under anesthesia and unconscious.

In one of the videos, a woman's nude body is seen lying on the table while a nurse dances to a Chris Brown and Pitbull song playing in the background. Along with the photo who Sadeghi sent to his girlfriend was a caption that read, “This is how we do surgery.”

In a separate video, a song by Adam Levine plays while the naked lower body, including her genital area, of a cancer survivor is shown.

“The idea that there is this video of my body floating around is just difficult to deal with. There’s not a day I don’t go into the shower and spend about 10 or 15 minutes crying,” the woman testified.

"This case is about the rights of these four women, what they agreed to, and how this will affect the rest of their lives," Rodrigue said in her opening statement. "These women were under anesthesia in an operating room with a heightened sense of privacy. They didn't ask for this. Nobody would ever ask for this."

For the jurors to find Sadeghi guilty, the prosecution would have had to prove that the surgeon's acts served some type of sexual purpose, Magner told the jurors.

“It all has to be done with some sexual urge, some sexual itch that’s scratched,” he said. “There’s none of that here.”

Sadeghi's lawyers argued that while the photographs may have been taken in bad taste, their client's action did not warrant criminal charges.

“They were taken in a clinical setting. They were not taken for any immoral purpose,” attorney Michael Magner told jurors during his closing argument. "They were sent only to the medical personnel who were involved in these surgeries.”

After only 90 minutes a jury of 6 men and 6 women returned back with a not guilty verdict on all 4 counts of video voyeurism.

"This case is about the nurses and the doctor in the operating room acting badly, acting immaturely. ... But (prosecutors) are trying to make it dirty. You're going to make him a sex offender? For this?" said defense attorney Lisa Wayne.