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Doctors Tell Woman In Labor To Push, She Pushes, Then She Takes This Picture

Don't ever tell Lauren Chenault that women are weak.

This truly bad ass mother not only gave birth to her second child, a son named Kai Arthur, but she also captured every incredible moment on camera as she labored to bring him into the world.

Chenault told Today that she had originally planed to photograph the birth of her first child, but she didn't realize that she'd need to hold back her own legs during labor. This time, with Kai's birth, she enlisted friends to hold her legs, while she balanced the camera on her chest.

The 24-year-old mother is also a photographer. Since Kai's birth was a scheduled delivery, she had time to set up lights and plan the shots.

But that was the extent of the staging. During the delivery, she tells PopSugar that friends told her when to release the shutter.

"It was amazing capturing them; I wasn't even looking at what I was doing with the camera," she says, "I just kept snapping hoping that I got it."

"I wanted to photograph my own birth to show how powerful women are," Chenault told POPSUGAR. "I'm able to grow a human inside me and push it out, so I wanted to document it."

She did an incredible job!

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