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Does Your Cat Have This Strange Behavior? You're Not Alone

Any cat owner knows cats love to sit in circles and boxes, but it's the WHY that still baffles us.

One owner decided to conduct a little experiment to see if cat's only like circles out of coincidence, or if there was a pattern involved.

It started when the owner noticed his cat would always sit in the middle of his computer charger cord when it was in a circle.

Then he taped a red circle on the floor to see if that would also attract his cat. It did.

Was it just because the tape was new that his cat was drawn to it? To test it out, the owner taped ANOTHER circle next to the first one.

His cat was drawn to both circles, and the owner decided to share his results online. Turns out, he's not the only one with a circle-obsessed cat.

There's really no concrete explanation as to why cats love circles, but the most popular theory is that the circle provides an illusion of closed space, which makes cats feel safer. But honestly, it's probably because they just like being weirdos.

Like this guy:

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