Dog Escapes From Pet Store, But First He Freed All The Other Dogs

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Dog Escapes From Pet Store, But First He Freed All The Other Dogs

If you think your dog is clever for managing to jump over your baby gate, wait until you see what this Siberian Husky did when his owners weren't around.

A pet store in China has released footage of the dog's daring escape from his cage, and the dramatic rescue he pulled off afterwards. Using his teeth, the Husky managed to open his cage door.

The next part of his escape plan involved chewing off part of the front door, but he still couldn't get past it. After a nice two hour rest, the fugitive pup decided to help his partners in crime break out by opening their cages too.

Cao Sheng, the store's owner, said up until now he had called the husky the "dumbest" of the three "stupid sled dogs" at the store. The dog has an owner, but it's staying at his store while he's away.

Cao thinks the only reason the dog didn't escape completely was because of a tricky bolt on the front door that even humans have trouble unlocking.

The store has bought a new, double-locked cage to keep the dog penned up in, and the dog's owner has offered to pay for the damages.

"We've been in the industry for six, seven years," Cao said, "and there hasn't been any dog that has opened the cage this way."

It seems the "dumbest" sled dog showed him a thing or two!

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