This dog didn't care where he was, he wanted to play fetch. I wonder if he regrets it.

Golden Retrievers are the best named dog in the world. No one likes to play fetch more than a golden retriever. Nothing makes that point more clear than this very Good Boy who demanded a game of fetch at center ice before a hockey game.

A police officer and his dog took to the ice before a game in Washington, but handler quickly became the handled when his dog starting demanding he throw the puck.

Dog and Cop
Russian Machine Never Breaks

The slippery surface wasn't enough to deter this determined doggo, he barked, pushed, prodded and yelped his owner into giving him his way. The officer nearly wiped out trying to pick up the puck, but it was worth it.

He rifled the puck down the ice with the excited pup gleefully chasing it down 200 feet. Even crashing into the boards didn't wipe the smile off of his face!

That cute face has turned the dog into a star. A video was posted on Twitter where it's been retweeted tens of thousands of times.

No one can get enough of the aspiring hockey player.

Take a look for yourself and you'll see why!