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Dog Interrupts News Anchor For A Very Important 'Pup-date'

Alright, contest is over. Dogs are the best. They win. They are the best.

As if you need any more proof, just look at this amazing pupper who interrupted a Russian newscast just to say hello!

Ilona Linarte, from Mir24 TV, was a little shocked when this dog wandered into the studio and right onto camera during a live news broadcast.

"I've got a dog here. What is this dog doing in the studio?" Linarte shouts, probably to a producer.

Linarte then remembers she's got a whole audience of people watching her, so she tries to make a joke of the whole situation.

"I actually prefer cats. Yeah, I'm a cat lady."


Apparently, the dog belongs to a guest that was on previous segment who somehow got loose and ran into the studio.

Take a look at the adorable video. I don't blame the news anchor for being shocked...I would have been too!

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