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Dog Only Eats Half Her Food, But Her Owner Knows The Heartbreaking Reason Why

Losing a pet is hard on everyone. Kids, parents, even friends can be left heartbroken.

But too often we forget about the other animals in the house and how they might also be feeling about the loss. Dogs and cats are prone to loneliness and sometimes even depression if their long-time companion is no longer around.

That's why this story is resonating with so many people online.

Twitter user @_EasyBreasy_ recently posted the story of his dogs Cookie and Stitch and people are getting super emotional about it.

This is Stitch.

And this is Cookie.

And this is their sad tale.

HEARTBREAKING, RIGHT?? My stomach was in knots at how sad the pupper must be!

It proves that dogs (and animals in general) can feel emotion, even if we don't always realize it.

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