Dog Owner Is Furious After His Kennel Did This Without His Permission

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Dog Owner Is Furious After His Kennel Did This Without His Permission

Luke Mullaney from Chicago is a responsible dog owner who wants to give his pet time to socialize with other dogs, so twice a week he would bring his German shepherd Mya to Posh Pet Day Spa.

He had been using the doggie daycare for the past 6 months, and was happy with them for the most part, but one day when he picked up Mya he found something strange.

She seemed to be wearing a second collar, with plastic parts and the number 6 written on it. To his surprise, the spa employees had put a shock collar on his dog without his permission.

Luke Mullaney and Mya.Luke Mullaney

When Mullaney asked an employee about the collar she "didn't seem apologetic - more defending herself." He also spoke with the owner, who claimed the collar didn't actually shock dogs, but a quick Google search proved that was a lie.

Worried that the spa had done the same thing to other dogs, Mullaney and his girlfriend Lauren Mayer made a post in a local Facebook group.

Other dog owners shared stories just like Mullaney's, including one woman who found a collar labeled "7."

Lynn Mulrenin.The Beverly Review

After a local news website wrote about Mullaney's ordeal, a woman claiming to be Lynn Mulrenin, the spa's owner, wrote back in the comment section.

She said it was true that employees used "dog bark control collars," but one had only been put on Mya because of "an error by our staff."

But a woman named Amanda posted on an online community group, saying she has more information and is interested in "shutting this place down."

It's clear this story isn't over yet, but Mayer says she just wants "people to know that this is happening," and that she's "kind of sick to my stomach at the response I've gotten."

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