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Dog The Bounty Hunter's Daughter Is All Grown Up And You Won't Believe How Gorgeous She Is

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Star Bulletin / A&E

In the summer of 2004, we were blessed with arguably the world's best reality show, Dog the Bounty Hunter.

A guilty pleasure for many, the series followed Duane "Dog" Chapman and his family as they rounded up criminals and brought them to justice. While the show was canceled after eight seasons in 2012, we still can't help but wonder what our favorite family is up to now.  

Sadly, one of the updates was that Dog's wife, Beth, was diagnosed with stage 2 throat cancer, but after preserving through treatment and surgery, Dog announced his wife was cancer free at the end of 2017.

“There is a God. This could be a miracle. This could be a healing,” he said during the couple's A&E television special, Dog & Beth: Fight of Their Lives. “[The doctor] said if I wasn’t such a good husband it wouldn’t have worked out that great. Oh, I can breathe. Beth Chapman, you did it.”

Between the two of them, the couple have 14 children, plenty of whom have joined the family business. Their two youngest kids, Garry and Bonnie Jo grew up in front of our eyes, but sadly, we haven't seen them since the cancellation of the hit show.

But, fans who are curious of what at least one of these youngsters are up to now are in luck, because Bonnie Jo has stepped back in the limelight, and she has grown into a truly gorgeous woman.

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