Dog Toy Makers Have Finally Invented A Better Tennis Ball

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Dog Toy Makers Have Finally Invented A Better Tennis Ball

The biggest problem most dog owners face is finding toys their pets won't destroy in 10 minutes or less.

Even toys that are advertised as tough or "indestructible" have a bad habit of getting ripped and ruined after a few days, but tennis balls are easily the worst.

In the time it takes to play one game of fetch, your dog will turn a brand new tennis ball into a shredded, slobbery mess. That's why dog toy company Wacky Walk'r came up with the Wunderball, a revolutionary new and improved tennis ball.

Wacky Walk'r

The Wunderball is a 100% natural rubber ball that's handmade in America. It may look a little shabby, but Wacky Walk'r says dogs love that. The uneven surface makes the ball bounce unpredictably, and they can dig their teeth into the grooves and edges.

In fact, your dog's teeth are a big influence on the Wunderball's design. The felt on your tennis ball will wear down your dog's teeth, but the Wunderball is felt-free. Plus, unlike the one-size-fits-all tennis ball, there are three sizes of Wunderball to suit every dog.

Wacky Walk'r

Right now these toys are flying off the shelves, but you can backorder one on the company's website.

It may be a little expensive - each ball costs $11 - but think of it as a lifetime investment. Not only are Wunderballs indestructible, they also float, so your dog won't break or lose it.

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