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Dogs Reacting To Magic Tricks Is The Funniest Thing You'll See All Day

Dogs love treats, that's pretty much fact. They want as many as possible and most can even recognize the sound of the bag opening from across the house.

These dogs got to experience something a little bit different when magician Jose Ahonen decided to try out a few slight of hand tricks on the group.

Each dog was shown that he was holding a treat, and then when he held his hands out it vanished. Each dog reacts different but all of them are pretty hilarious.

Don't worry about the dogs, each was given plenty of treats both before and after so they weren't going to keep looking for the disappearing ones, but it's just so cute to see their reactions! Some are confused, others just immediately go for some cuddles and some are a bit nervous as to how their snack vanished.

This isn't the only trick he has done with dogs, he also checked out their reaction to a levitating hot dog and it went pretty much exactly as expected!

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