Don McLean's Model Girlfriend Turns Heads, With A 48-Year Age Gap Between Them

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Don McLean's Model Girlfriend Turns Heads, With A 48-Year Age Gap Between Them

Paris Dylan - Instagram

It's a tale as old as time in the entertainment business.

As famous actors and musicians get older, their taste in women seems to focus on one very specific quality.

But even in Hollywood, 72-year-old "American Pie" singer Don McLean's relationship with a much younger woman is turning heads.

"The love of my entire life"

Paparazzi photos and pictures of McLean on Instagram show that he's paired up with model and reality star Paris Dylan.

Paris Dylan - Instagram

The musician's relationship is drawing controversy, because he was already 48 years old when his new sweetheart was born.

The 24-year-old has been featured in magazines like Maxim and Playboy, but is most famous for appearing on MTV's Catfish.

An episode of the reality show revealed Dylan, then just 17, had been sending messages to a woman who she thought was NBA star Chris "Birdman" Andersen.

Engagement Rumors

For the past two years, Dylan has been sharing photos of herself cozying up with McLean on social media, and sporting what looks like an engagement ring.

In a post from last October, she calls McLean "the love of my entire life."

But just a year ago McLean was dealing with a messy court case involving his ex-wife.

Abuse Allegations

McLean plead guilty to domestic assault in 2016, after a complaint was filed by his second wife, Patrisha McLean.

Under a special process, the musician's charges were dismissed in 2017, because he stayed out of a trouble for a full year.

McLean's mugshot.Camden Police Department

McLean's lawyer says he paid a $3,000 fine, but insists the singer never assaulted his ex-wife.

Meanwhile, a judge granted Patrisha a protection order against her ex-husband.

Celebrity Age Gaps

McLean isn't the first famous man (or woman) to find a much younger romantic partner:

  • Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones is 25 years younger than her husband, Michael Douglas.
  • Alec Baldwin's wife, yoga instructor Hilaria Baldwin, is 26 years his junior.
  • Dick Van Dyke is married to makeup artist Arlene Silver, who is 46 years younger than him.

What do you think of this enormous age gap?

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