Alec Baldwin Confesses To His Own Mistreatment Of Women, Says Hollywood Needs To Change

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Hollywood stars are no strangers to controversy staining their careers, but this year the ousting of Harvey Weinstein as a sexual predator not only affected the producer's career, it also led to the downfall of a few other leading men.

Following the lead of other famous women like Ashley Judd, Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow, other celebrities, both women and men, also came forward with their stories of sexual assault and harassment while working in the industry.

Former child stars Reese Witherspoon, Molly Ringwald and James Van Der Beek revealed that they were all underage when they were assaulted by powerful men in Hollywood. All three wrote about feeling powerless and shame about the experience and being made to feel like staying silent was the only way they could remain employed.


Actor Terry Crews also opened up about an incident where a "Hollywood honcho" groped him at an event he attended with his wife last year.

Unfortunately, the stories didn't end there.

A former Today Show presenter, Michele Mahone, made allegations of sexual assault against the late Patrick Swayze. Just like the other cases, Mahone's experience was also swept under the rug as soon as she reported it to the producer she was working for at the time.

While we were all reeling from Mahone's shocking allegations, actor Anthony Rapp told Buzzfeed about a time when House of Cards star Kevin Spacey was "sexually aggressive" with him in 1986. He was just 14-years-old.


Spacey responded to the allegations saying that he is "horrified," but doesn't recall their encounter. He also came out as gay in the statement released on Twitter.

Now, nearly a week after that bombshell, Alec Baldwin decided to step forward and come clean about how he has treated women in the past.


Baldwin, who is known for his bad temper and questionable actions towards women in the past, made comments on his behavior while speaking at a Paley Center for Media luncheon held in his honor.

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