Former 'Today Show' Presenter Makes Sexual Assault Claims Against Patrick Swayze

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Former 'Today Show' Presenter Makes Sexual Assault Claims Against Patrick Swayze

Ever since a group of women, including A-list celebrities, broke their silence about Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulting them, Hollywood has been in shambles.

Over the last several weeks, more stars have come forward with their stories of sexual harassment and assault that they have experienced during their time in the industry. While every story is shocking, there's one involving a beloved entertainer that no one saw coming.

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Michele Mahone, now a radio presenter and stand-up comedian, has brought forth allegations that Patrick Swayze sexually assaulted her.

Mahone was working as a freelance make-up artist for Disney when the incident occurred. Although she reported the violation, nothing came out of it.

So what did Swayze do?

In an exclusive interview with, Mahone revealed that she was used to doing make-up for actors when they came in for behind-the-scenes interviews and to perform voice-overs for cartoons, so when the Dirty Dancing actor came in, there was no reason for her to be wary. Especially considering how he was loved by both his fans and peers.


However, once Swayze wrapped up the interview, in which he boasted about his "fantastic" wife, things took a turn.

Mahone offered to remove the actor's makeup, but as soon as she started to do so he grabbed her waist, pulled her in and started to kiss her.

"I was completely shocked. He wouldn't let go. His hand moved behind my head, and it was a really forceful kiss," Mahone explained.

She continued, "I pushed his shoulder off me. It was like a drunk in the bar grabbing you out of nowhere. He said, 'Oh, this doesn't mean we can't work together,' and I didn't know what to say."

"I was shaken. I was trembling. It was like an uncle grabbing you and kissing you. I was appalled, because he just said how much he loved his wife. I felt violated. My mouth hurt. I was in absolute shock."

A visibly scared Mahone tried to leave unnoticed, but she ended up running into Swayze again, and he asked her for a "hug goodbye." That's when Mahone decided to report the incident to the producer, but no actions were taken to rectify the situation. In fact, Disney never hired her again, and Mahone believes that it is because they were afraid she would file a lawsuit.

"I called two or three weeks later, then again a month and two months later and I never heard from them again," said Mahone.

For Mahone, the worst part of it all was the fact that no one would believe her story because Swayze "was on a pedestal."

"Ask anyone and they'd say he (Swayze) had the most rock-solid marriage in Hollywood," she said. "It was nauseating. He was on a pedestal. He was Mr Clean. Everyone saw him as one of the good guys, but he was a fricking pig. But who would've believed me?"

Mahone also highlighted that this was not an isolated incident because other men in the position of power have also sexually harassed or assaulted her while she worked in Hollywood. She shared another story about a respected personality who invited her to his house for a meeting, but ended up putting his hand up her shirt.

"Instead of sitting across from me he sat next to me on the couch," Mahone recalled. "I remember how I inched my way over until I hit the arm of the chair, before he put his hand up my shirt. I just slapped him. He then grabbed my arm, and it was a full-on fight."

At that point, Mahone had already lost her job with the Today Show, and she knew if she reported this incident she wouldn't get hired anywhere else.

"Until today, I've never said a word of this to anybody because I thought there was no point. I know people would believe me, but I'd feel the impact more," she said. Adding, "You do not speak out. You don't say anything. Because the person that brings in the most money wins. Period."

Mahone's tweets have resonated with a lot of women, many of whom have taken to Twitter to support her.

Although Swayze passed away in 2009 from pancreatic cancer, Mahone felt that it was important to speak out about her experience because even those we've regarded as "good guys," may have a dirty past.

Are you shocked by these allegations? Let us know what you think.

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