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Doug The Pug Transforms Into A Disney Princess For A Day And You Need To See It

Doug the Pug has done it again. After wowing us on Instagram with adorable costume pics and destination pics, the cute doggie has posed as a Disney Princess, and it's pretty much perfection.

If you've never heard of Doug the Pug, he's the "King of Pop Culture" and has over 2 million followers already. He's appeared with celebrities on many occasions, including the set of the CBS sitcom The Big Bag Theory.

Earlier this year, Disney released a new animated movie Moana, which details the adventures of Moana Waialiki of ancient Polynesia. The movie made headlines for using a contest to cast the main character, a beautiful actress from Hawaii. As expected, there's a lot of singing and striking poses by the ocean.


Enter Doug the Pug. In a glamorous video, the superstar pug starred as both Moana and her demigod Maui. He donned a flowing wig, grass skirt, and fish hook necklace, and rocked the island princess look with carefree seaside side-eye. We're loving every bit of it.  

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Doug is a seasoned professional when it comes to modelling authentic chill island vibes. Most pups would shake off the itchy wig perched on their heads, but not Doug the Pug.

Watch the adorable video of the Moana short film below.

Warning: You might have serious cravings to go to the beach afterwards!

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