How This Man Turned His Love For Socks Into A Million-Dollar Business

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John Cronin is a little different from your average business owner.

For one thing, Cronin is just 21 years old. He's also incredibly successful, since his company made $1.7 million last year. And, of course, Cronin was born with Down syndrome.

Cronin says his condition "never holds me back," and his heart has been set on running a business since he was in high school.

John Cronin (right) and his father, Mark.Time

The budding entrepreneur from Long Island thought about being a store owner, then settled on running a food truck. He told Today the only problem was he couldn't cook.

"[Me and my dad] are good at eating," he said.

Finally, Cronin took inspiration from his lifelong love of colorful wool socks, which his brothers like to tease him about.

“They are not the fashion police," Cronin says. "I love all the socks that are very very colorful and let me be me.”

Cronin turned his love for socks into a business.Time

In that spirit, Cronin founded John's Crazy Socks in 2016. The business was simple: just a website, a logo, and socks bought wholesale from other companies that Cronin ships to customers.

The business's catchphrase, "Socks, socks, and more socks," was Cronin's idea.

But he and his father Mark couldn't have guessed how successful their business would become.

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