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Dr. Pimple Popper Had Her Hands Full With YouTuber's Nasty Cyst [Video]

Dr. Pimple Popper / Logan Paul - YouTube

There are more than 4 million people subscribed to a YouTube channel that exclusively posts videos of bubbling cysts and seeping pimples.

Unless you're one of the millions of "popaholics" who tune in to those nasty videos, that may sound shocking.

But fans of Dr. Pimple Popper - the alter ego of dermatologist Sandra Lee - say her stomach-turning videos are actually therapeutic.

Now we know at least one celebrity, YouTuber Logan Paul, is a dedicated popaholic himself.

A "Cute" Cyst

In a video shared with his 18 million followers on YouTube, Paul met Dr. Lee and admitted he was actually starstruck by the encounter.

"Now I'm fanboying," he told her. "You pop pimples for a living. That's amazing."

But the YouTuber didn't just drop into Lee's office to say hello. It turns out he had a nasty job for her to tackle.

Paul's girlfriend, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. star Chloe Bennet, was the first one to notice a growth bubbling up on his back.

The lump turned out to be a hardened cyst, and Lee teamed up with Paul for a pair of videos documenting its removal.

Bennet nicknamed Paul's cyst Jared, because it was big enough to have its own personality.

But Lee has seen much worse on her YouTube channel and her new TLC series, so she just called the growth "cute."

She even let Bennet step in for the honor of the final squeeze, which let out oozing pus from Paul's wounded back.

Despite the gory footage, Paul said he "didn't feel anything" during his procedure, and thanked Lee for her deft touch.

The dermatologist actually worked double duty in the video, removing an extra nipple (called a supernumerary) from one of Paul's friends in another procedure.

Pimple Popping On The Big Screen

Whether you're already a dedicated popaholic, or this latest video was your intro to the gross phenomenon, there's no shortage of content to scratch your pimple-popping itch.

While Lee's TV show is in reruns right now, it was the highest-rated cable show in its time slot this summer, and has been renewed for a second season.

Unlike the doctor's online videos, which are all about the pop, goo, and gush involved in her procedures, the TV show gets very emotional as Lee bonds with patients and changes their lives.

Warning: this trailer is seriously nasty.

And if you're dying to try pimple popping for yourself (but don't have a degree in dermatology) Lee is offering the next best thing.

Pimple Pete, a board game inspired by Lee's hypnotizing zit-popping videos, makes the gross medical procedures fun for the whole family.

Players have to take turns popping pimples without bursting the mega-zit on the patient's nose, which gushes water if you make a wrong move.

Is it absolutely disgusting? You bet. But it's a whole lot of fun too!

Are you one of Lee's "popaholic" fans? Or do her videos disgust you?

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