Drew Barrymore Speaks Out On Childhood Drug Abuse


Drew Barrymore Speaks Out On Childhood Drug Abuse


When we see child stars make it big on the silver screen, it's hard not to assume they're already living the life we can only imagine.

While they may be rolling in dough before they reach puberty, life in Tinseltown isn't what it's all cut out to be when you weigh it against having a happy childhood.

It isn't often that we see these youngsters transition into successful movie stars, but when they do, they certainly have some juicy stories to share.

One of the most notable kids to have grown up in the limelight is none other than Drew Barrymore, who was born into a long linage of famous adult actors and actresses.

Although Barrymore portrayed the adorable Gertie on E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial at only seven years old, her childhood was anything but ideal.

The Donnie Darko actress' life spun out of control at an early age, as she started smoking cigarettes at nine years old, drinking alcohol at 11, smoking marijuana at 12 and snorting cocaine at 13.

When Barrymore was 14, she attempted suicide before entering a recreational facility and becoming emancipated.

Thankfully, she was able to change her lifestyle, and at 43 years old is able to tell the tale.

The mother-of-two appeared on Netflix's Norm Macdonald Has a Show, where she discussed her childhood drug abuse.

When the show's host Norm Macdonald asked her if she missed using cocaine, she promptly shut him down.

"No. Oh, God. It's been a very long time, but no," Barrymore responded.

"Nothing would make me have a panic attack and seem like a bigger nightmare," she continued, adding that since she lived a toxic lifestyle before she even entered her teenage years, she was able to conquer her demons at an early age too.

"You know what's exciting? I got my s"” over with at, like, 14," Barrymore said. "Like, midlife crisis, institutionalized, blacklisted, no family. Got it done. And then got into the cycle of being my own parent."

However, just because Barrymore has steered clear of her wild ways for decades, she said it doesn't mean she lives a "militant" lifestyle.

I drink, I enjoy my life and get out of my own head," Barrymore said. "It's not that I'm this militant person of clarity and presence but [cocaine] literally seems like my worst nightmare right now."

It's so refreshing Barrymore's so candid about her past drug abuse, and it's great to see how far she's come!


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