Drew Barrymore Reveals What's In Her Makeup Cabinet

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Drew Barrymore Reveals What's In Her Makeup Cabinet

The Scream star looks like she's barely aged at 41, and undoubtedly she owes a lot of that to her makeup.

Not only is she a hands-on owner of her own makeup company, Flower Beauty, Barrymore is also one of Covergirl's official spokesmodels.

This week she took to Instagram to share an inside look at her beauty cabinet with her 6 million followers. While her fans must be dying to know what's inside, the real surprise is how ordinary most of her products are.

It may put your medicine cabinet to shame but this is just half of Barrymore's collection.

"You should see all my drawers and boxes and years of research," she writes. "This is just what's semi organized and accessible. The rest looks like a hoarder!"

So what's in there? Eagle-eyed fans can sport some of her own products, as well as beauty stapes like Nivea, Neutrogena and Alba Botanica.

She also has some more expensive products, like Christine Chin's facial creams, which cost around $80 per bottle.

So what does Barrymore recommend that you try? You can find her products on sale at Walmart, and we guess from the size of her collection that she knows what works. She also shared some advice with her followers:

"All your beauty and hard earned wisdom should be worn on your face like an elegant medal."

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