Drew Barrymore Shows Off Her New Body After Weight Loss

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Drew Barrymore Shows Off Her New Body After Weight Loss

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Like you and I, some of the biggest and most sought-after Hollywood stars have body image issues they fight to overcome every day.

There are times when these celebrities are even more insecure than the average person because they are constantly under pressure to look and act perfect at all times, whether they're on the red carpet or out running errands.

Despite the unattainable beauty standards that female celebrities are expected to abide by, there are many who go often go against the norm and speak out about their experiences to empower their fellow women.

Actress and entrepreneur Drew Barrymore is one of them.

While so many social media users try hard to only show off the best versions of themselves, Barrymore makes sure to share candid posts that show what her life is really like behind-the-scenes.

Through her make-up free selfies and honest captions, the former child star reminds her fans that fame isn't all it's cracked out to be. The 50 First Dates star recently posted a photo of herself crying in the bathroom, explaining that "some days are difficult and not so pretty."

Shortly after, she followed up the raw post with another series of photos of herself, revealing that she has been working hard on her overall well-being and has managed to shed some weight.

The mother of two explained that she struggled to meet the wellness goals that apps like Instagram depict. However, she found the right person to help her and she's now crediting them for her 25-pound weight loss.

Barrymore worked with fitness guru Marnie Alton and it took three months to get to where she is today.

"You can tell my face is so much thinner! This takes me so much work. Diet and exercise and fighting like a lion for it!" Barrymore wrote in the caption of an Instagram post showing off her slimmer frame.

The actress acknowledged that she understands her genes play a role in the way she looks, and at the end of the day, she loves where she came from.

"Damn you genetics! And yet thank you for all the good stuff. I love where I come from (JOHN ETHEL LIONEL) and whatever package it comes in. I just know that I have the control to be what I want. Even if it is hard AF!"

Weight loss, no matter how small or big, is not easy, so Barrymore deserves a round of applause for reaching this milestone.

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