Scary Moment As Drew Carey Almost Falls Off Stage During "Price Is Right"

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Scary Moment As Drew Carey Almost Falls Off Stage During "Price Is Right"

Being on The Price Is Right is everyone's dream! Especially when Bob Barker was host, the iconic game show was a staple in everyone's viewing schedule. Whether you were home sick or you caught some reruns, you desperately dreamed of playing Plinko and bidding $1 on something (anything!)


After Barker left, though, Drew Carey took over and it left people skeptical. What would he bring to the table that could make people love him as much as they loved Barker? According to the models, at least, Carey was an improvement.

Before the hosting change, the models had felt extremely objectified, "but when Drew Carey stepped in, he was so very happy to make changes and bring Price is Right into a new era. We were all ready to become personalities rather than just look like models."

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Carey become loved by most fans, so when they saw him take a nasty fall on the show, everyone held their breath, hoping he would be okay.

When Sonia was called down to contestant's row, you could tell she was excited...maybe a little too excited. Sonia ended up bidding closest to the actual retail price, and she was invited to come up on stage.

To say Sonia was happy to be called up would be an extreme understatement. The young woman ran onto the stage, grabbed Carey, then started jumping up and down. Her excitement was a little over-zealous, and Sonia ended up knocking the 59-year-old host straight to the ground.

Luckily there was a light box on the side of the stage, which prevented Carey from falling right off the stage. Carey laughed off the moment, and Sonia said "I'm so sorry! Whoops!"

"I'm fine. I'm fine," Carey assured fans.

Sonia's prize ended up being a brand new car, and the MC jokingling told her "Sonia, do not break the host or our set!"

It's a good thing Carey was okay! It wouldn't go over well if you were the person to seriously injure Drew Carey.

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