Drone Footage Of Floating Ice Is Absolutely Mesmerizing


People have been taking pictures of beautiful landscapes for hundreds of years. Long before the camera was invented, artists would set up easels and paint sunsets, rivers, hills, and other beautiful landscapes.

Obviously once the camera did come into play everything changed. You no longer had to have an artist's skill to create beautiful images, all you needed to do was point and click.

Drones have revolutionized picture-taking much the same way. Now beautiful landscape photography is being taken to new heights thanks to the high-flying drones.

ABC News tweeted out a video taken from one of their drones that got a lot of attention online. In it you see a sheet of ice slowly rotating in the Presumpscot River in Maine. It looks exactly like the moon and its slow rotation helps the illusion seem even more real.

As the cold current passes by the sheet of ice it slowly rotates. ABC added some soft instrumental that makes it seem even more space-like.

Winter is undeniably a beautiful time of year, especially when you don't have to feel the cold temperatures. The video has been seen over 4 million times, and shared by thousands.

One person tried to explain the beautiful phenomenon.

Personally, I don't care much what started it. All I need to know is that I like looking at it.

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