Former "DWTS" Contestant Shares Heartbreaking Pregnancy Update

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Former "DWTS" Contestant Shares Heartbreaking Pregnancy Update

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Country singer and actress Jana Kramer, best known for her role as Alex Dupre on One Tree Hill, has lived through many ups and downs over the last few years.


Kramer's music career was suddenly taking off, she tied the knot in May 2015 and became a first-time mom the following January. She and her husband, former NFL player Mike Caussin, appeared to be in marital bliss, but in reality, Caussin was allegedly cheating, and later entered rehab for treatment. The pair separated for sometime, but reconciled for the sake of their daughter.

"It's day-by-day. We're not divorced, he's not my estranged husband [and] he's very much in my life. Legally, he is my husband," Kramer explained on the podcast Mouthing Off. "I have a ring on my finger. It's hard, every day "” some days I'm like, "˜I can't do this.' ... But other days I'm like, "˜No, fight for it. It's for our family.' Cause I've given up so easily in the past before, so I really want to sit in the trenches and fight for it."

In addition to "actively working" on her strained relationship, Kramer also appeared on Dancing With the Stars. She was an instant fan favorite, but got eliminated just one week shy of the finale. At the time, she told Rolling Stone that she had started working on new music. However, she had a secret she kept hidden, until now.

Turns out, Kramer was pregnant with her second child, but she kept the news a secret. She admitted that she "wanted to shout it from the rooftop" when she first found out, but based on past experiences she knew that wasn't the best idea.

This week, Kramer took to Instagram to share an update about her pregnancy, but it's a heartbreaking one.

The entertainer revealed that she suffered a miscarriage in the emotional social media post, which included a picture of her holding an ultrasound photo.

Kramer admitted that she "debated posting" about her experience because she did not want to fish for sympathy, but she wanted to let other women going through something similar know that they aren't alone.

"Today I am 1-3," Kramer began her post. "I debated posting this for the exact reason why it's a silent struggle. I don't want I'm sorry or sympathy. I just don't want to feel alone. And I know I'm not."

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The actress also revealed that this isn't the first time she's had a miscarriage, but she's hoping her story will open up a bigger discussion about the topic. After all, one in four pregnant women will suffer a miscarriage, according to Today.

"This unfortunately isn't my first loss," Kramer continued. "When I first found out I was pregnant I wanted to shout it from the rooftop but I know for reasons like this we have to wait. So because we don't tell many, we have to suffer silently...and suffering silently was my thing in the past, but it's not now. For the women out there who have miscarried in the past and need support and a place to grieve their little one lost or to those in the thick of it like me who are currently grieving and in pain, let us all be there for each other."

Kramer wants both women and men to feel comfortable if they ever wanted to share their story because no one should ever go through the grief process alone.

She added, "We sometimes silence your voice because you feel bad to express how it's made u feel so let this be a safe place for you too). And because I don't have all the words to say because I'm knee deep in crying and trying to listen to God..."

Kramer did not mention how far along she was when the loss occurred, but doesn't make it hurt any less. Hopefully time will help heal her wounds.

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