Dying Girl's Last Request For Her Kitten Is Both Heartbreaking And Beautiful

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Dying Girl's Last Request For Her Kitten Is Both Heartbreaking And Beautiful

When Kylie Myers was 12, she was diagnosed with metastatic bone cancer. Treatment began immediately and it was extremely draining on Kylie's body.

Her mom, Robin, described it as "brutal." But Robin also said her daughter was a "master of finding ways to be joyful."

As her treatment progressed, Kylie began asked her family for a new kitten to join the family's four other pets. Her parents suggested they wait until Kylie's radiation treatment was over. As her treatment moved on, Kylie felt sharp pains in her shoulder. It was discovered that Kylie's cancer had spread throughout her whole body and she was now terminal.

Kylie returned home and made one final plea to her father for a kitten.

An hour later, a tiny kitten named Liza was in Kylie's life. Liza was immediately drawn to Kylie's side and put her paw on Kylie's shoulder. For the final two and a half days of Kylie's life, Liza was by her side, "completely devoted to loving on [her.]"

"She had this purpose and it was the most beautiful thing to see," said Robin.

Kylie's had two final wishes. 1) find a cure for childhood cancer, and 2) look after Liza.

"I would start to cry and Liza "“ from wherever she was in the house "“ would come and just wait out the storm with me," said Robin. "Kylie told me to take care of Liza, but it's also like she told Liza to take care of me."

Now, a year after Kylie's death, her parents submitted her story to Mutual Rescue, an organization that creates films displaying the relationship between humans and their rescue pets.

The group made Kylie and Liza's story into a video with the help from PetSmart Charities, and together with Kylie's family they have started a fund that will raise money for both childhood cancer research and homeless animals.

"We created the Mutual Rescue film series to shine a light on the life-changing power of human-animal connection," said a Mutual Rescue spokesperson. "Robin and Mark Myers wanted to share their story to honour Kylie's last requests: to take care of her kitty and to find a cure for childhood cancer."

You can watch the film, Kylie & Liza, here:

If you would like to donate to the Kylie and Liza fund, this is the link.

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