'Dynasty' Star Fighting To Rescue Her Daughter From A "Cult"

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Catherine Oxenberg, best known known for portraying Amanda Carrington on the 1980s soap-opera Dynasty, has come forward with some serious allegations against a controversial cult-like group that's keeping her daughter away from her.


Oxenberg and her then 20-year-old daughter, India, first became familiar with Nxivm, a self-improvement program led by Keith Raniere that supposedly helps people with their personal development journey, in 2011.

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The pair attended a meeting together, but Oxenberg was not comfortable with the program. She thought what they were offering was "weird and creepy." India, on the other hand, was curious to discover more about the organization and now, six years later, she's so involved that she has cut communication with her family.

In an exclusive interview with People Magazine, Oxenberg shares the terrifying details of the "secret sisterhood" and talks about her fight to get her daughter, who she describes as "the sweetest, most non-confrontational, easiest child of all my children," back before it's too late.

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