FDA Warns That Eating Black Licorice Can Harm Your Health

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Love it, or hate it, black licorice is something everyone has strong feelings about. While it may not rank high on the best Halloween candy lists, those who love it, REALLY love it.

If you are part of this small, but mighty portion of the population that adores this treat, you may want to think again before biting into black licorice candy.


The Food and Drug Administration warns regular eaters of black licorice, that it can actually harm your health.

In 2004, a 56-year-old woman was admitted to hospital after overdosing on black licorice. She had reportedly been eating several packets of the treat every day to help ease her constipation.

The glycyrrhizin, a sweetening compound that comes from the licorice root is commonly found in the black licorice treat. This compound makes your body's potassium levels fall, which can result in some scary symptoms.

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