There's Edible Oreo Cookie Dough And I Want All Of It


There's Edible Oreo Cookie Dough And I Want All Of It

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When I was a kid, baking cookies with my nana was always one of my favorite activities. We would spend the day baking and decorating her famous sugar cookies, and I would always manage to sneak a few bites of dough without her noticing. Well, I'm sure she noticed, but she chose to turn a blind eye to it all!  

But now people are worried about eating cookie dough because of the raw eggs that are in it, and to a lesser extent the raw flour. My sister won't let her niece eat any when we bake cookies because she's worried she'll get salmonella. That's okay...more for me.

Now, though, there's a company that's making cookie dough specifically for you to eat, and it's totally safe! The Cookie Dough Cafe loves cookie dough so much, they decided to open a shop that makes specialty dough you can eat from a jar.

"Our love of cookie dough started when we were kids," the company's founders, Joan Pacetti and Julia Schmidt, write on their website. "Some of our fondest childhood memories involved baking with our mom. There was something special about being in the kitchen, watching her whip up a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies while we stood on chairs eagerly waiting to lick the dough off the beaters. To us, the cookie dough has always been the best part!"

They've got classic chocolate chip, of course, but the most exciting flavor they offer is the Oreo one!

According to the site, the Oreo flavor is "creamy, delicious, and loaded with chunks of Oreo® cookies. Delicious paired with ice cream or enjoyed straight from the jar." Sadly, that means it's not a jar full of the chocolate wafer cookie dough that we're so accustomed to when it comes to Oreos. But that doesn't mean I don't want to eat this entire jar!

Luckily, the dough is safe to eat, as "all ingredients (including the flour) in our delicious, homemade recipes are safe to consume unbaked." You can buy the dough online, in certain grocery stores, or even at their scoop shops, where you can buy it like a scoop of ice cream!

The Oreo flavor joins a lineup of awesome selections. For example, there's Monster Cookie Dough which is peanut butter and oats loaded with chocolate chips and M&Ms.

Or you could get Confetti Cookie Dough, which is basically a birthday cake flavored sugar cookie.

Or you could get the Naked Dough, which is completely plain, and then you can mix in your own delicious goodies to make something unique.

Personally, I want to to try each and every flavor, and I hope they open up some more shops so we can walk right in and try it!

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What flavor would you want?

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