Police Investigate Elder Abuse Of Comics Legend Stan Lee

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95-Year-Old Stan Lee Allegedly Abused By His Own Manager

Stan Lee is known to comic book and movie fans around the world as the jolly creator of classic characters like Spider-Man and the Black Panther.

But new documents reveal that Lee has been the focus of an elder abuse police investigation for months, with his own manager as the alleged abuser.

As Lee's fans and supporters worry about his health, a temporary restraining order has only made his case more complicated.

Stan Lee
Gage Skidmore - Flickr

Taken advantage of by his manager

Lee's lawyer, Tom Lallas, says that the upsetting story of Lee's abuse started when his wife Joan died last year.

After 69 years of marriage, Lallas says that Lee's health worsened after losing Joan, and his new manager took advantage of the 95-year-old's emotional distress.

Keya Morgan, a memorabilia collector and close friend of Lee's daughter J.C., became the comic writer's manager and close adviser shortly after Joan died.

Stan Lee
Lee and Morgan.Keya Morgan - Twitter

Lallas says Morgan "inserted himself into Mr. Lee's life," then took control of the aging celebrity.

"[Lee] has been denied contact with family members and other individuals that he has known and trusted over the years," Lallas wrote in a court document.

"Mr. Morgan relocated Mr. Lee from his family home into an unfamiliar environment without notifying relatives of his whereabouts."

He also alleges that Morgan forced Lee's nurses and personal assistants to sign non-disclosure agreements, preventing them from speaking out.

Failing health and abuse

Gage Skidmore - Flickr

After Morgan became Lee's manager, the comics legend started skipping a number of scheduled events for health reasons.

Lallas says that Lee has impaired hearing, vision, and judgement. He was also rushed to the hospital in February for irregular heartbeat - before being released the next day.

The same month, new documents reveal that the LAPD opened an elder abuse investigation on Lee and performed a wellness check with him.

In May, Morgan was arrested outside Lee's home for suspicion of making a false call to police.

A pair of detectives and a social worker had been performing another wellness check on Lee when Morgan called 911, claiming he worried Lee was being abused while Morgan was locked outside the home by police.

Detectives who interviewed Lee say he often forgot Morgan's name, according to court documents.

A day before the arrest, a video of Lee was posted on his Twitter account declaring that Keya Morgan was his only business manager.

A temporary restraining order

On Wednesday, a court granted Lee a temporary restraining order against Morgan, until a hearing for the case on July 6.

So far, Morgan has not made any comments on the investigation or allegations against him.

Since becoming Lee's manager, Morgan has been involved in a number of high-profile lawsuits involving the comics writer.

Stan Lee
Keya Morgan - Flickr

Lee's former business associates were accused of forging documents to drain his blood, for the purpose of making collector's stamps.

Morgan weighed in on the bizarre case, saying there were "snakes, leeches, sharks, vultures, jackals, wolves" looking to take advantage of Lee.

Lee is also suing an entertainment company he co-founded, claiming they made him sign away the rights to his name and image during a time of emotional and physical weakness.

As if that wasn't enough, Lee was also allegedly held at gunpoint outside his home in June.

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