5 Hollywood Legends Explain What Kept Them Working Past 90


5 Hollywood Legends Explain What Kept Them Working Past 90


One day I will be looking back on life as I attempt to retire at the age of 65, feeling as if I hopefully did something productive with my life. I feel like that is a great age to sit back and start to enjoy life for what it truly is, but realistically, the younger I can retire, the better.

These actors and actresses don't seem to be of the same mindset, working well into their golden years, all of them hitting the big 90th birthday.

How did they do it, and why are they content to continue working as hard as they do?

1. Don Rickles

Don Rickles recently passed away at the age of 90. I include him on this list because up until the time of his death he was still hard at work as a voice actor and comic. He is most known for his insult comedic style, and for being the voice of Mr. Potato Head in the Toy Story movie franchise. With the fourth flick in the story already in the works, it makes you wonder who they will get to step in, or will they just kill off his character?

Before his death he had this to say, "What keeps me going is that young people still want to see me, which is flattering and great."


2. Betty White

Betty White seems to be the ageless wonder. She has been working for so long, that every generation that currently has people still living knows, and has enjoyed her work. She made her breakout on The Mary Tyler Moore Show in the 70s, and exploded into fame on The Golden Girls in the 80s. Her most recent recurring project was on the comedy sitcom, Hot In Cleveland. At 95 years old, she is still going strong.

When asked about why she is still working away like the professional she is, "I think when you're doing something you love to do, that's got to be a healthy thing," White said. "I just love working. I always expect each job is going to be my last one - but then another one comes up."


3. Dick Van Dyke

Dick Van Dyke will turn 92 later this month, and the iconic Hollywood actor hasn't decided to hang up his acting shoes just yet. Just last year he signed on to be part of the Mary Poppins Returns project. Over his career he has won five Emmy awards, a Grammy, and a Tony Award.

When he was asked about his thoughts on retirement he had an interesting answer. "I think it's the worst thing you can do," Van Dyke said. "Certain people who do retire suddenly age. I think you have to stay active."


These three aren't the only celebrities who passed the age of 90 and decided to keep working.

4. Stan Lee

Though Stan Lee didn't make his Hollywood debut until he was much older, the creator of Marvel Comics has been working in the entertainment industry since he was a young man. Lee will turn 95 just after Christmas, and he still ensures that he makes a cameo in each of the movies surrounding the characters that he has created throughout a lifetime of work.

Lee's outlook on entertainment is not one of fear or boredom. His response when asked why he hasn't retired yet is quite enlightening. "When you retire, you have a chance to do all the things you've always wanted to do," Lee said. "I've been doing the things I've been wanting to do. What could be more fun than coming up with stories and finding out later that people enjoy these stories?"


5. Cloris Leachman

Cloris Leachmen is one of the few remaining Hollywood OG's. She turned 91 this past April, and she has been working in the entertainment industry for over 70 years. She currently holds the record for having won 9 Emmy Awards, and she even has an Academy Award for her work on The Last Picture Show.

In 2016 she worked on 11 different projects, including appearing in 10 episodes of the television show, American Gods. She says that eating healthy and staying active have helped her to maintain her working life as well as she has.

Why hasn't she stopped working after 70 years?  "They call me up and ask me to do these projects," Leachman said. "And I say yes."


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