Elderly Couple Married 77 Years Were Buried Holding Hands In A Single Casket

Before Raymond Bruer of Missouri died, he made one final request that touched the hearts of so many who heard it.

In 77 years of marriage, he and his wife, Velva Breuer, had built a beautiful life. They grew up in Dawson Township, and would later raise six children - three of whom are still alive today.

In their final hours on this earth together, an idea passed through Raymond's mind that he casually mentioned to a nearby nurse.

Once she realized that he didn't want to be separated from her his wife in death, she passed it on to his family...

He must have known that they were close to death. As he held his wife's hand in the hospital room, Raymond Breuer, 97, mentioned to a nurse that he and his wife should be buried in the same casket.

Not knowing who would cross over first, Raymond told a nearby nurse that if his wife, Velva, 96, passed at about the same time as him, they should be buried together.

Not just together, but in the same casket.

Whether he was being practical, or romantic, or both, Raymond's whispered wish came true. About 30 hours after he passed away, Velva Breuer took her final breath.

Days later, the lifelong couple were buried together, in a single casket, holding hands.

May they both rest in peace.

[h/t Fox59]